Group Trips

What vaccines are required for the service trips?

The following are the vaccinations required by Partners In Development for travel with our organization. You may consult with your own physician about other vaccinations they may recommend. Please review our health requirements before registering for a trip.

For Guatemala

  • Please note: Our work site is not in a Malaria zone and Malaria pills are not needed. Consult with a doctor, if desired.
  • Hep A
  • DPT/Polio up to date
  • Tetanus up to date

For Haiti 

  • Hep A
  • DPT/Polio up to date
  • Tetanus up to date
  • Malaria pills/vaccine

Where do your service trips travel to?

We offer service trips to Port Au Prince, Haiti, Suchitepéquez, Guatemala, and the Mississippi Delta

What skills are required to attend a service trip?

Medical volunteers are required to have a medical license to work in the PID clinics. Previous experience/skills are not required to work construction or help with a children’s program; however, house-building or related language skills are helpful.

What is the cost to attend a service trip?

Service trips are $800 plus airfare. Discounts may be given for larger groups. Visit our trip pages for more information about trip costs.

What percentage of trip costs are used to support PID’s programs?

At least 50% of each traveler’s base price (excluding airline expenses) is used to fund our building and medical programs in the country the traveler is visiting.

Can a traveler fundraise to help cover their trip costs?

Yes! Travelers may seek donations to help fund their trip from friends, family members and co-workers; however, certain guidelines must be followed. If a traveler raises more than the actual trip cost, the additional funds will be donated to support the project that the individual traveler will be working on while traveling with PID (construction or medical). Partners In Development does not carry balances for travelers to use additional funds for future trips with us.

What type of accommodations are provided on service trips?

  • In Haiti, teams stay in our bunk house, which is very modest, but has beds, flush toilets and showers (cold ones!).
  • In Guatemala, teams stay in a modest hotel, which provides sheets, pillows and towels as well as three meals a day and clean drinking water.
  • In Mississippi, teams stay at the Sunny Boy Bed and Breakfast.

Are there any medical or physical requirement to join a trip?
Please review our health requirements.


Child Sponshorship

How much of my money will go to the child I sponsor?

100% goes to providing for your child’s needs. PID takes great care to avoid many of the typical administrative costs that drain most organizations’ funding. By utilizing volunteers and donated goods/services as much as possible, we are able to better support our programs.


Volunteer, Intern or Work with PID

Is PID looking for volunteers and interns?

Yes! We are always looking for volunteers/interns in and around the Ipswich, MA, area, as well as in Haiti, Guatemala and Mississippi.





Is PID religiously affiliated?

Partners In Development is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian service organization. PID serves anyone falling within PID’s economic guidelines and does not discriminate against individuals of diverse backgrounds and faith. Likewise, all are welcome to volunteer or participate in our service trips.

Where is PID located?

Our U.S. office and mailing address is 174 High Street, Suite 106, Ipswich, MA 01938.
Feel free to drop by! We’re open Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm.

I don’t see my question on this list; can you help me?

Yes! Please contact us.