Board of Directors
Gale Hull, President & CEO
Merril Allen, Vice President
Gene Nelson, Clerk
Mitch MacDonald, Chair
Cedric Buettner, Treasurer
Glenn Prescott, General Member
Richard Merriam, Software Development
Elizabeth Koah, General Member
Michele DesRosiers, General Member

Ipswich Staff and Volunteers

Office Staff
Gale Hull, Founder and Executive Director
James Hull, Founder and Director of Social Justice and Education
Tali Marcelin, Assistant Director
Marin Emery, Bookkeeper
Tiana Robinson, Marketing/PR Manager
Rosita Maeks-Anderson, Organizational Manager

Trip Planning
Martha Murray, Trip Coordinator

Sponsorship & Higher Education
Kincade Webb
Kirk Thompson
Elizabeth Koah
Maria Rockwell

Deb Fargeorge
Gina Looby

Part Time Volunteers
Heather Korpi, Donor Relations & Etsy Manager
Bill Collins, Database Manager
Susan Good, Office Volunteer
Jamie Hull, Webmaster
(Other Support Volunteers not listed)


Haitian Directors
Sandra Noel, Field Director
Mr. Genois, Director of Social Services
Raymond Niquelson (Pouchon), Head of Guest Services
Jn Ones, Director or Mortgage and Small Business
(30 other support staff not listed)

Guatemalan Staff
Abigail Morales, Field Director
Flor Puac – lab/ultrasound technician
Juan Lopez – security guard and maintenance
Dulce Coroy – cleaning and after school tutoring
Alejandra Pira Martinez, Social Worker
Meli Maldonado, Pharmacist & Clinic Assistant
Dr. Maria Angelica Lopez
Leybi Marroquin, Nurse & Medical Social Worker

Mississippi Staff
Patrick Magennis, Field Director
Debbie aka Lady – Cook
Dorothy – Housekeeping
Shirley aka Renea – Tutor
Curtis aka Bull – Driver
Robert – Contractor for the construction of the house
(Other support staff not listed)

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