Our Staff

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Board of Directors
Gale Hull, President & CEO
Merril Allen, Vice President
Gene Nelson, Clerk
Mitch MacDonald, Chair
Cedric Buettner, Treasurer
Glenn Prescott, General Member
Richard Merriam, Software Development

United States Staff and Volunteers
Gale Hull, President & CEO     gale@pidonline.org
Tali Marcelin, Assistant Director     tali@pidonline.org
Trip Planning, trips@pidonline.org
Martha Murray, Trip Coordinator (on leave)
Marin Emery, Bookkeeper     marin@pidonline.org
Michele DesRosiers, Office Manager     michele@pidonline.org
Julie Dillard, Manager of U.S. programs     julie@pidonline.org
Kincade Webb, Child Sponsorship
Maria Rockwell, Child Sponsorship
Kirk Thompson, Higher Education
Bill Collins, Database Manager
Deb Fargeorge, Packing Coordinator     deb@pidonline.org
Gina Looby, Packing
Dr. Rick Hayes, Medical Advisor
Marty Rodweller, Warehouse Inventory
Marcia Ford, Development Assistant
Erin Brin, Trip Assistant
Dawn Robertson, Development Assistant
Heather Korpi, Donor Relations
Patricia Midura, Office Volunteer
Charlene Santiago, NH Volunteer
Lisa Lassey, Newsletter
Jamie Hull, Webmaster
Kerline Tofuri, Jou Nouvo Program Director

Guatemala Staff
Abigail Sawyer, Field Director
Alejandra Pira Martinez, Social Worker
Meli Maldonado, Pharmacist & Clinic Assistant
Dr. Maria Angelica Lopez Lopez
Leybi Marroquin, Nurse & Medical Social Worker
Don Chico, Security Guard/Grounds Keeper
Miguel, Water Filters
Monica, English Teacher
Carmen Guzman Tellez , Volunteer Microbiologist
Staff Dentist
Edgar, Construction Contractor
Leader’s Group Volunteers (40)

Haiti Staff
Elizabeth Barnes, Field Director
Mr. Genois, Director of Social Services
Dr. Paul, Staff Doctor
Raymond Niquelson (Pouchon), Head of Guest Services
Guetchine Boisrond, Head of Administration
Support Staff (30)