Building Back a Better Haiti

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PID has undertaken a massive relief effort since January 12, 2010, when a massive 7.0 earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The devastation of the earthquake left many people displaced. Tent cities popped up everywhere and were filled with people who had owned or rented fallen houses, and the extreme poor. Two groups still remain in tents: those who have been priced out of the rental market because of a housing shortage caused by the earthquake, and the extreme poor (still hoping beyond hope for a better life).

Damien (Dah-me-ey) is one of many tent cities that PID has worked in following the earthquake. It remains one of the poorest and sickest tent cities; densely populated and no access to clean water. It is 2 ½ miles away from our clinic and situated on a pig farm owned by the agricultural department of Haiti. Earlier this year pressure was placed on the residents of Damien to re-locate. However, people have stayed in Damien because they truly had no other place to go. PID began the search for land and a place for them to call home.

In our search we learned about an area called Canaan (Ca-nah-ah), another tent city, with plenty of room to build houses. After multiple meetings with the leaders of Canaan we committed to building a new community there, with a ratio of one house for a Canaan family in exchange for land, and one house for a Damien family. Canaan is a perfect place for future growth and development! In addition to our regular programs of Child Sponsorship, Medical Care, Small Business loans, and Housing, PID is in the midst of initiating multiple new projects including reforestation, providing clean drinking water, and solar energy for all the residents there.


1. We are excited to announce that in June 2011 we broke ground for our housing program!

Please join us in this effort: Donate $3500 to build a house.

2. Forty families from Damien have already been moved to Canaan in tarp houses (materials purchased by PID). Seventy more families are waiting to move from Damien to Canaan.

Please join us in this effort: Donate $40 to relocate a family.