Help students stay in school and achieve their dreams!

In an area where professional education is often not an option due to lack of financial resources, our Higher Education program helps students make strides toward a better life by making technical education an accessible reality for them. We help students as they look at adult training programs, decide on their major, complete the application process, purchase school supplies and more. 

Be Part of the Solution!
Sponsor an individual student
Your sponsorship of $30 per month (or $360/year) will go toward school tuition, supplies, transportation and uniforms (as needed). Each student has an individual study plan

  1. Choose from the biographies below (more coming soon)*
  2. Choose a donation option (include student’s name and number in memo)

*If you already sponsor a child, you may continue their sponsorship through the higher education program. Please notify us.

Donate to the Sela Nelson Higher Education Fund
By donating to the Sela Nelson Higher Education Fund, you can help support students who are waiting for a sponsor. Sela was a beloved, long-time volunteer and trip participant with PID and helped launch the Higher Education program. She passed away from cancer in 2013 but her memory and hard work live on through each student’s achievements.

Please note: You will receive confirmation of your sponsorship within 7–10 business days.