Volunteerism is the very lifeblood of PID and our remarkable volunteers are our greatest resource. Yet there are practical considerations which must be kept in mind by potential service trip participants. Please realistically evaluate your health situation before deciding to take part.


MOBILITY: there is no policy of handicap access at these sites. Volunteers must be able, for example, to climb in and out of trucks and withstand jarring rides over rough roads.
STABILITY: no one should consider going with unstable conditions such as poorly controlled angina, hypertension, congestive heart failure, diabetes.
MEDICATIONS: must be provided by the participants for preexisting conditions. No one requiring medications producing drowsiness or impaired coordination such as narcotic pain relief patches should participate. Bear in mind that refrigeration and sanitary conditions are not guaranteed.
DIETARY: it cannot be certain that specialized dietary requirements can be met.
STAMINA/STRENGTH: workdays are frequently long, some of the activities, especially construction jobs, require real muscle power and cardiovascular fitness.
HYGIENE: may be less than optimal. Perhaps this would be a consideration for persons having certain dermatological conditions, recent surgical procedures, etc.
PSYCHOLOGICAL: inherently, there is emotional stress involved in immersion in some of the situations encountered in these settings. While having the ability to empathize is to be desired, indeed is necessary, a certain amount of psychological toughness is needed as well.

If in doubt about any of these issues, obtaining a medical examination and physician’s approval would be prudent. Bear in mind that there are many other valuable ways to provide service as a volunteer for Partners In Development.


For Guatemala:

  • Hep A
  • DPT/Polio up to date
  • Tetanus up to date
  • Our work site in Guatemala is not in a Malaria zone and Malaria pills are not needed. Consult with a doctor, if desired.

For Haiti:

  • Hep A
  • DPT/Polio up to date
  • Tetanus up to date
  • Malaria pills

HEALTH ALERT: Due to the rise of Dengue fever in the Caribbean, we recommend the use of at least 40% DEET bug spray to help prevent this and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

*These are the vaccinations required by Partners In Development for travel with our organization. You may consult with your own physician about other vaccinations they may recommend.