In the Mississippi Delta generations of racial oppression and socio-economic isolation have locked people into poverty and out of the mainstream. Their lives have been entrenched in hopelessness and distrust. In Mississippi as a whole, about 25% of African Americans 25 years or older have not graduated from high school and about half of these have had no high schooling at all. In the Mississippi Delta that percentage is higher, closer to 40%, resulting in the functional literacy level of up to 50% of adults in the Delta of not much more than 5th grade level.

Be Part of the Solution!
Sponsoring a child for $30 a month ($360/year) is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help PID make a difference in the Mississippi Delta. Sponsorship provides a child in the Mississippi Delta with access to all PID programs which are designed to have a lasting impact not only on the child, but their entire family and the community around them. Each sponsored child receives:

  • Well child check-ups and vitamins.
  • Medical transportation when extra medical services are needed.
  • A birthday present and Christmas party with a present.
  • Access to all PID children’s programs.
  • Tutoring and computer training as needed.
  • Classes on compiling and writing a resume.
  • Help with filling out college applications.
  • Trips to colleges in the surrounding areas with their parents.

How to Become a Sponsor:

  1. Choose from the list below. A biography will be sent to you once your first payment is received.
  2. Choose a payment option (include child’s number in the memo line).
For privacy reasons, the child’s photo will be available to the sponsor only after the payment has been received. You will receive confirmation within 7–10 business days.

Available children

If you would like to correspond with the child you sponsor, click here for our guidelines.