In the Mississippi Delta, until ten or so years ago a significant percentage of children didn’t attend school after 7th grade because of discrimination and lack of educational support, and other sociological factors. For the past 5 years students from Gendora have been graduating from the local high school, but their literacy and math functioning levels remain low; few achieve sufficiently to proceed to higher education; adults in their mid-twenties and older generally function at a 5th grade literacy level. Our educational programs help children and adults to become better educated for a brighter future with more opportunities, to move out of extreme poverty. PID’s Lighthouse Learning Center includes:

Family Education Enrichment: After school tutoring program for K through 6th grade with two part-time local staff, and library membership. Parenting and early childhood development training may be called for in the future.

Early Childhood Development Center: Filled with developmental toys, games, and books.

Summer Food and Fun Program: Providing educational enrichment for children and access to a healthy lunch program.

Summer and Spring-Break High School Now and Future Program: High School kids expanding their vision for themselves, and learning what they have to do to achieve that vision.

Summer Digital Story Telling Program: Kids writing scripts and producing mini-movies.

Computer Lab: Open Monday through Friday with two part-time, local staff.

Adult Literacy and Job Training: Driver’s license test coaching and testing facilitation, GED, computer skills, resume building, literacy, and adult enrichment and professional training opportunities.

Be Part of the Solution!

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– Thank you to all who have donated the requested books, and math manipulatives for the Lighthouse Library and the supplies for the tutoring programs. We do not need any new items as of right now. Please do NOT send books or other materials: however cash donations towards the education and Lighthouse Library are greatly appreciated. Donations go to expanding and developing our services. 

– To contribute supplies, please complete our Gift In Kind form and contact us to arrange a time to drop off your donation.