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Peru Sponsorship Program

Now that you have decided to sponsor a child from Peru please choose from the profiles below and click “Sponsor today!” to fill out a sponsorship form. Choose a payment option (monthly/annually), and be sure to include the child’s name and number. You will receive confirmation of your sponsorship in the mail within 7–10 business days.

 When considering which child to sponsor please be aware that our Emergency children are our most needy and most vulnerable. Although the majority of these children are able to grow and thrive with the support of the PID program, even with all of our intervention, sometimes a child will not survive.

Emergency Children Available for Sponsorship


Available Sponsorships



B.O.D. - 4/1/11

PID# 16

Waiting since February 2018

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Criz Fernanda Anacio Luna

D.O.B. - 4/18/11

PID# 23

Waiting since August 2018

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Diego Daniel Dueñas Abregu

D.O.B. - 3/24/09

PID# 18

Waiting since February 2018

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Iam Jerao Zuloeta Cautivo

D.O.B. - 5/29/13

PID# 20

Waiting since August 2018

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If you would like to correspond with your sponsored child, teen, or young adult, click here for our guidelines.