Our Approach


Our approach in all communities follows an important process, which helps develop the partnerships required within our Whole Life Transformation Model.

Step 1: PID works only with communities who initiate a desire to partner with us.

Step 2: PID sends an assessment team to work with those living in the community to listen to and identify the needs.

Step 3: We decide whether the needs of the community match the skills, resources, and mission of PID.

Step 4: If we feel we have a good match, we then strategically partner with the community to design programs to meet the specific needs of the people, as each location presents different opportunities and challenges for change.

Step 5: The partnership takes off. As the community begins utilizing and perfecting the Whole Life Transformation Model in their area, in 3-5 years, we can step back and marvel at the transformation.


Our Mission


We partner with individuals and communities living in extreme poverty in The Caribbean, Latin America and the United States, using the Whole Life Transformation Model (education, income generation, housing, and health care) for addressing the multiple challenges of their economic situations.



Our Vision


Access to Opportunities

We visualize a world in which all people have the basic material resources that enable them to flourish as individuals and communities.



Our Work





Financial responsibility

As a U.S. registered non-profit, our Guidestar Gold Ranking speaks to our dedication to organizational transparency.

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