Mississippi Delta Service Trips

Experience a new culture. Transform a community.


We currently run four different trips in the MSD which focus on:

  • Home Construction (CO)

  • Children’s Programs (CH)

  • Health Screenings (M)

  • Special Programs (Call and tell us your special skill!) (S)

In Mississippi, teams stay at the Sunny Boy Bed and Breakfast.

Please note, there will be limited access to wifi.

For more information about our Service Trips, check out our FAQ.


Upcoming Mississippi Delta Trips

  • Sept 21 - 25 (UMass Dartmouth nursing)

  • Sept 22 - 28 (open - construction team)

  • Nov 17 - 24 (Shore Country Day School)


  • Mar (UMASS Dart) (M, CO) open

  • Sept (UMASS Dart) (M, CO) open

    *All trip dates subject to change


Mississippi Delta Service Trip Photos


Ready for a service trip to the MSD ?

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