• 20+ sponsored children

When I was a young child going to school, many mornings we had no food to eat and no money to buy food at school. I would be so hungry at school I could hardly concentrate. But I made up my mind I would go on no matter how hard it was. Many days I did not want to go, but I told myself I had to. Now I am grown. I want to help others who are in a similar situation; otherwise they can have no future in this country.
— Nelida Cuicapuza - Peru Field Director

Programs in Peru

Since arriving in Peru in 2018, we’ve been working diligently to develop our context-specific, Whole Life Transformation programming. As no two areas of work are alike, we’re using our almost three decades of experience, mixed with local know-how, to guide us in this exploratory and development phase of our work in Peru.

As we did in 1990 in Haiti, we opened up Peru by inviting people to apply for sponsorships, and currently our Sponsorship Program is our only fully operational program in Peru. Keep an eye out for more Peru developments, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about Peru.

Peru Sponsorship Program

Many in the developing world often lack access to food, clothing, and education. When you sponsor a child, teen or adult through PID, you support an entire family on their path out of poverty.

Your investment of $35 per month (or $420/year) provides/covers the following for the sponsored:

  • Non-school Age Children - Food, clothes, medical and other necessities as dictated by the family situation.

  • School Age Children - monthly stipend for transportation, school supplies and school related expenses as well as uniforms and shoes.

  • Continuing Education Students - Medical and dental care, vitamins and funds for tuition.

Sponsoring is one of the most effective ways to help PID make a difference, and your donation will work to change the future for the sponsored and their family.

Emergency Child Fund

Children under the age of five are one of the most vulnerable groups for malnutrition and high mortality rates due to health issues and poverty

Donations to PID’s Emergency Child Fund immediately cover the cost of milk, medicine, food, transportation, and hospital fees for emergency children that come into our clinic in Guatemala. We then look for sponsors for these children. An emergency child is one whose situation in life is dangerously precarious and in need of immediate, potentially life-saving support.

To support our work in Peru, please consider either donating to the Emergency Child Fund or sponsoring an emergency child from Peru today.