Haiti Service Trips

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Due to the current unrest in Haiti resulting in a Level 4 travel warning from the US government, we have temporarily suspended our Haiti service trips. All of our programs in Haiti will continue to run. If you would like to still travel with us, please consider a trip to Guatemala, the Mississippi Delta, or Peru. Check out our News page for updates on Haiti. If you would like to help the people of Haiti please consider making a donation. Thank you for your continued support of PID


We currently run four different trips in Haiti which focus on:

  • Construction: Building homes or other types of construction (CO - construction)

  • Children’s programs (CH)

  • Primary and maternal health care (M)

  • Dental care(D)

  • Special Programs (Call and tell us your special skill!) (S)

In Haiti, teams stay in our bunk house, which is very modest, but has beds, clean drinking water, flush toilets, and showers (cold ones!).

You will have access to:

  • water

  • showers

  • limited electricity

Please note, there will not be any:

  • wifi

  • pools

A note about security. While in Haiti, we do not use public transportation. Our bunkhouse is surrounded by high walls and we have a daytime and nighttime security guard on the premises.

For more information about our Service Trips, check out our FAQ.


Trip Dates:

  • Oct 13-20 (Haiti/Guatemala) Tamara New’s team

Haiti Service Trip Photos


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