Our Team

Everywhere in the world you will find people who are committed to working on change, on making things fair and just, and to breaking the bonds of poverty. They are rich, poor, middle class, highly educated, and hardly educated. Here at PID we believe we have the best of the best.

Some are paid staff and some are volunteers, but all work hours beyond what they are asked. If you ask them why, you will hear, “This is who I am and I can’t do anything different.”

We are pleased to introduce you to our staff from Guatemala, Haiti, the Mississippi Delta, Peru, and our main office. You could not meet a more wonderful group of people.



Gale Hull is co-founder and the President of Partners In Development.  Her life path taught her many skills that she later used to design and develop the “Whole Life Transformation Model” of Partners in Development. In 2004, she received the “Excellence in Social Action Award” from The New England Methodist Conference. In 2008, she received an honorary doctorate from St. Joseph’s College in Maine. Gale was named one of the top 100 leaders on the North Shore in 2010.  After being named an honorary Rotarian by the Topsfield/Boxford/ Middleton Rotary Club, she later received “Person of the Year” from the Ipswich Rotary Club, as well as a Paul Harris Fellows Award. She co-authored a chapter in the book GLOBAL Health and Nursing- Building a Sustainable Partnership.



Aubrie traveled to Haiti with PID when she was in high school and after spending years working as an attorney, she wanted to dedicate more of her time to helping those living in extreme poverty. She is now working as PID’s organizational manager.



James Hull is co-founder and instructor of history and social justice for Partners In Development. He researches and teaches the histories and current dynamics of Haiti, Guatemala, Peru and the Mississippi Delta through a social justice lens. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in history, a Master’s Degree in history and culture, and a Master’s Degree in social justice education.

Marin Emery Bookkeeper.jpg


Marin first learned about PID through her church almost 15 years ago. When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, she wanted to do something to help, so she began volunteering in the office. Later that year, she took on the role of bookkeeper. Having a background in financial analysis, a head for detail, and a heart for social justice, it is the perfect place for her.



Tali (bottom, right) is the Assistant Director for Partners In Development. She began her love for people living in extreme poverty when she traveled to Haiti at 14 years old. When she was 21, she moved to Haiti to become their first international Field Director as she worked as an assistant to our Haitian Field Director. She is fluent in Creole, knows how to live without electricity or running water and how to wash clothes by hand.  In 2005, she relocated to Guatemala to start the PID program there. She learned Spanish while she designed programs in Guatemala, where she lived for 6½ years, before returning to the US to become our Assistant Director. She is now developing the PID program in Peru and travels extensively to all four of PID locations to oversee and train the national staff.



Primo first came to PID through traveling to Haiti. While his first choice is to work in Haiti, he is learning all aspects of PID as he waits for an opening there. He currently works with the trips team and is training to lead teams to all 4 areas as a team leader. He is also working on establishing the new building team for our Mississippi housing program



Maria Jose (far left) - Field Director with Guatemalan staff



Deb Johnson (center) - Children’s Program Coordinator

Bull (top left) - Director of Transportation

Shenitra- Arts Director

Pound (bottom center) - Culinary Director for Children’s Program



Raymond Niquelson - Director of Guest Services

Jn Marc Genois - Director of Social Service Dept

Jean Ones - Director of Housing and Small Business

Carline Montague - Medical Director



Nelida Cuicapuza - Field Director

our board of directors

Mitch MacDonald - Chair

Gale Hull - President (staff)

Merril Allen - Vice President

Cedric Buettner - Treasurer

Lizzy Koah - Clerk

Gene Nelson - General Member