Safety Net Fund

This fund provides the resources needed to meet a variety of unexpected, unpredictable situations:

  • Children in urgent need of medical care or nutritional assistance but who are new to PID and don’t yet have a sponsor.

  • Children whose sponsor has had to end their financial support.

  • Children who require extra medical care, such as cleft palate surgery, that exceeds what can be covered by an individual sponsorship.

  • A feeding program for the severely malnourished.

  • Unpredictable continuing ed costs, such as vocational training tools and graduation fees.

Being a Safety Net Sponsor

By giving to the Safety Net Fund on a recurring monthly or quarterly basis you enable an immediate response to urgent need. As a Safety Net Sponsor you are as much a part of that response as the nurse holding the sick child or the social worker giving formula to the starving baby’s mother. It is an impactful gift that can truly make a difference in the lives of many.