• 300+ children sponsored

  • 50+ houses Built

  • 8,500+ people provided medical care annually

  • 80+ kids have gone on to higher education

Through the help of PID, I have learned how to run my own business and make money to support myself. My small business has not only helped me, but has also helped my employees support themselves and their families.
— Keily Puac, Keily's Jewelry

Guatemala Sponsorship Program

Many in the developing world often lack access to food, clothing and education. When you sponsor a child, teen or young adult through PID, you support an entire family on their path to success.

Your investment of $35 per month (or $420/year) provides/covers the following for the sponsored:

  • Non-school Age Children - Food, medical and dental care and vitamins.

  • School Age Children up until 6th Grade - Medical and dental care, after school tutoring, food for the family and kids’ programs, vitamins, a backpack, uniform with shoes and school supplies.

  • School Age Children 6th Grade and up - Medical and dental care, vitamins, funds for tuition, a backpack, uniform with shoes and school supplies.

  • Continuing Education Students - Medical and dental care, vitamins and funds for tuition.

Sponsoring is one of the most effective ways to help PID make a difference and your donation will work to change the future for the sponsored and their family.

Micro-Loans Program

In countries where more than half the population is unemployed, survival becomes a daily struggle. We work exclusively with those living in extreme poverty, who often have no credit history or assets and cannot qualify for a bank loan, to create economic opportunities.

Our micro-credit loans are often the small economic input necessary to help impoverished families to start or further develop an income-generating business, so they can provide for their family.

Each loan is a pebble that often creates a much larger economic ripple, as many of our program’s beneficiaries go on to employ other people in their new ventures.

To learn more about the program’s work, please read about Keily’s success story selling handmade crafts.


Keily’s Jewelry

Since a young age, Keily Pauc has been interested in and skilled at creating handmade crafts. Upon receiving a micro-loan, she used her talents to not only make and design handmade bracelets, pendants and earrings, but also to create employment opportunities for others in the community.

Keily now manages the business independently and was even able to open a savings account with the money she received from her first bracelet sales. Keily is currently taking classes through our Continuing Education Program in Business Administration, which will continue to add value to her small business savvy and ensure future successes.

She inspires us and those in her community. If you’d like to learn more about her story and shop her handmade crafts, click here.

Keily Puac Graduation - PID.jpg

Did you know that a $110 donation will fund a small business for six months including business consulting? This will also enable them to build credit to later obtain a PID house.

Housing Program

One of the most basic elements to improving one’s well being is ensuring that they have a reliable place to eat, sleep, and live.

Our housing program aims to help families reach their goal of living a better life in safe, adequate housing conditions. Families in the program must take part in the building process, send their children to school and have a means of supporting their family (micro loans available). We also provide emergency houses from homeless women and their children.

As families payback their mortgages, the funds return to the program, helping additional families have access to adequate housing.

As part of our housing program in Guatemala, families receive a clean water filter to ensure access to safe water in their home. They also receive new, environmentally friendly, and healthy cooking stoves.


Support our housing program today!


Medical Program

A healthy community is a productive community.

Too often in impoverished areas of the world, communities crumble under the weight of poor health and subsequent lack of access to healthcare.

Established informally in 2006, our clinic quickly grew from front porch care to a fully-functioning institution. In 2011, we opened our new building—adhering to protocols recommended by the World Health Organization—where we now see over 8,500 patients per year.


Clinic’s Primary Care Programs

  • Documentation of health

  • Annual physical exams

  • Eye exams with teams

  • Dental checkups

  • Medications

  • Vitamin and nutritional therapy

  • Physical therapy with teams

  • Out-patient sick visits

Clinic’s Pid Programs

  • Dental care

  • Cleft palate program (see below)

  • Diabetes and hypertension

  • Pre-natal care

  • Ultrasounds


To support our clinic in Guatemala, you can either donate today or, if you’re a medical or dental professional, join us on a service trip!



Cleft Palate Program

1 in every 600 children in Guatemala is born with a cleft lip or palate. Children born with this deformity are unable to nurse; and because their families often cannot afford formula, they starve.

In February 2012, PID began accepting cleft lip and palate babies into the child sponsorship program. Depending on the severity of the cleft lip or palate, the child may require up to four surgeries. Surgeries generally cost around $600. Many cases involve much more than just closing up a gap, including orthodontic treatment, bone reconstruction, speech therapy and life-long monitoring for ear infections and respiratory problems, which are common among cleft lip and palate kids.


Donate today to support a cleft palate surgery - every little bit helps!

Continuing Education Program

After 9th grade, at 14 or 15 years old, tuition costs rise dramatically, meaning most students can not afford to continue with their education. For PID, enabling students to finish grades 10, 11 and 12 is very important. Completing these additional grades earns students the equivalent of a U.S. Associate’s Degree. This degree allows them to take jobs such as nurses and teachers. Without this degree, their economic futures aren’t bright. By sponsoring a child that wants further education, but can not afford it, you are changing his or her future and the future of their families.


Your sponsorship investment of $70 per month (or $840/year) will go towards school tuition, supplies, transportation, and uniforms (as needed). Interested in donating to the Continuing Education Program Fund? Donate today!

Emergency Child Fund

Children under the age of five are one of the most vulnerable groups for malnutrition and high mortality rates, due to health issues and poverty

Donations to PID’s Emergency Child Fund immediately cover the cost of milk, medicine, food, transportation, and hospital fees for emergency children that come into our clinic in Guatemala. We then look for sponsors for these children. An emergency child is one whose situation in life is dangerously precarious and in need of immediate, potentially life-saving support.

To support our work in Guatemala, please consider either donating to the Emergency Child Fund or sponsoring an emergency child from Guatemala today.


Currently, PID is partnering with the following organizations in Guatemala:

  • Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

  • Universidad Mariano Galvez de Guatemala

  • Universidad Upana de Guatemala

  • Club Shriners de Guatemala

  • Faith in Practice

  • INTECAP (workshops)

  • Minister of Agriculture of Guatemala

  • Leadership Association of Guatemala

  • Health Center of San Antonio


  • ASCATED (Unicef, USAID for PT training and equipment)