Mississippi Delta


  • 30+ children sponsored

  • 2 annual health fairs

  • 3 houses built & 1 under construction

  • 1 house renovated

In 2013, we announced our expansion into the Mississippi Delta and have been welcomed with open arms to support the region’s communities.
— Gale Hull, Executive Director

Mississippi Delta Sponsorship Program

Through the PID Sponsorship program in the MSD region, we protect the nation’s most vulnerable children and give them early opportunities to learn, so they can succeed in school and life.

Your investment of $35 per month (or $420/year) provides/covers the following for the sponsored: Library and computer lab access, school tutoring, summer swimming program, two meals per week, annual Christmas party invitation and access to all available children's programs.

Family Healthy & Wellness Program

In the Mississippi Delta (MSD) region, health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease are significantly higher than the national average.

Our Health and Wellness program works towards changing these disparities in the community we serve by providing free health screenings, a fitness program, nutrition training, and assistance with access to existing health services.

Glendora, MS playground.Photo courtesy Karen Wong.JPG

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Housing Program

Our nearly 30 years of experience working with limited income families has shown us how important the element of housing can be when working to improve upon one’s well being. In the US, owning your own home breaks through the limitations provided by government programs and provides families with a way to build wealth for the next generation.

In June 2015, we launched our housing program in the MSD region with the construction of our first PID home and financial literacy training provided by a local credit union. For our partners, it means repaired credit and a whole new life. Thanks to PID teams, a local contractor and the families receiving the houses, we are able to construct a 3 bedroom home, with an affordable price tag, that will transform the life of the homeowners, their family, and future generations to come.


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Medical Program

A healthy community is a productive community.

Housed inside the Glendora Clinic is our new Health and Wellness Center. With an exercise room that includes exercise equipment, workout CD’s and a TV, people in town can find a welcoming place to exercise. At the Center, people are also able to monitor their weight and blood pressure, while participating in the various health and wellness challenges we put on through out the year. In addition, PID puts on a health fair twice a year. At the fair, PID provides free screening such as eye testing as well as private consultations with medical professionals.



Continuing Education Programs

after school enrichment program

This after school tutoring program for 4th through 12th grade gives students access to a library, computers and printer services to support students with their homework and other related school activities.

Summer Food and Fun Program

This summer program provides educational enrichment opportunities including daily trips to a pool.

Special enrichment programs

Team members come with special skills providing an opportunity to expose both kids and adults to new skills and learning experiences. The programs are varied and can include cooking classes, craft classes, paint-a-portrait sessions, science based programs (including how to use a microscope), and video production. If you have a special talent you’d like to share, please join us on a service trip!

Adult advancement and Job Training

Offered throughout the year, adults may access coaching and logistical support for acquiring driver’s licenses, GEDs, computer skills, effective résumés, basic literacy, educational enrichment, and professional training opportunities.


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