“If there is no struggle, there is no progress…power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.” -Frederick douglass

PID’s Department of History and Social Justice

PID’s Department of History and Social Justice promotes understanding of the historical, political, and macroeconomic forces that impoverish and marginalize people in the four regions in which PID operates. The program nurtures citizens for social justice who knowledgeably interact with legislators and international corporations to correct historical and structural injustices that perpetuate radical poverty and inequality in Haiti, Guatemala, Peru, and the Mississippi Delta. Several learning modules support this programmatic goal:

  • Mini-courses for team members on PID service trips

  • A PID Journal of History and Social Justice that provides historical analysis of the regions in which PID operates and practical options for engaging legislators and corporations on behalf of these populations

  • Public lectures, workshops, and tutorials for local groups, organizations, and individuals

  • Collaborative relationships for learning and advocacy with members of immigrant and indigenous communities representing the areas in which PID works

  • A full semester college course on the comparative histories, through a social justice lens, of Haiti, Guatemala, Peru, and the Mississippi Delta. The course includes both core academic curriculum and related practicum/internship

  • A popular or nonacademic version of this course (4-6 weeks) open to all PID supporters and to the general public


  • Take a course

  • Sign up for our journal

  • Work on our journal (writing, research, or layout)

  • Refer us for speaking engagements

  • Provide technological assistance for courses and presentations

  • Make a financial gift to this program

If you would like to learn more about the historical causes of poverty and oppression in the areas in which PID operates and how you can use your citizenship to promote structural justice for these populations, please contact James Hull (james@pidonline.org). James Hull is PID’s Co-founder and instructor in history and social justice.