Individual Sponsorship

Many in the developing world often lack access to food, clothing and education. When you sponsor a child, teen or adult through PID, you support an entire family on their path out of poverty. Being a sponsor is one of the most effective ways to help PID make a difference.


Emergency Child Fund

If you’re interested in supporting our sponsorship program but not necessarily an individual, please consider donating to our the emergency child fund. These resources are used to support children from ages 0-5 who are often in dire situations.


Sponsorship Gifts

Providing your sponsored child, teen or adult with a birthday, graduation and/or special event gift can be a great way to celebrate their successes.



Whether it’s our housing program in Haiti or our micro-loans program in Guatemala, we manage a myriad of programs among the areas where work. Each one is context-specific and supports our holistic Whole Life Transformation approach to both individual and community development.


If you’re ready to join us on a trip, please make a deposit or final payment on one of our PID service trips!


If you’d like to donate by check, please send a check made out to Partners in Development, Inc. and send it to:


174 High St. Suite 106 Ipswich, MA 01938