Experience a new culture. Transform a community.


Our service trips are great hands-on opportunities to support our work in:

  • Haiti

  • Guatemala

  • The Mississippi Delta

  • Peru

We currently run four different trips which focus on:

  • Building homes and installing eco-friendly stoves and water filters (CO - construction)

  • Children’s programs (CH)

  • Primary and maternal health care (M - medical)

  • Dental care(D)


Service Trip Cost

  • $800 plus airfare

  • The $800 includes room and board, in-country transportation, travel health insurance, a one-day cultural excursion, as well as funds the program/project that the teams work on (does not include personal expenses).

  • Trips are generally 8 days to one week long. If you are interested in staying longer, please contact PID’s Trip Coordinator for further pricing details.

Pre-Trip Logistics

  • Payment of the $600 trip deposit and completion of the trip registration form is required at least three (3) months prior to travel. Airline tickets will not be purchased until the deposit is received. Delaying this may result in increased airfare. Dates are not guaranteed until deposits are received.

  • Trips are first come first serve - choose your dates early and notify trips@pidonline.org.

  • PID purchases team airline tickets, unless other arrangements are made.

  • Balance of trip cost is due one (1) month prior to departure. Airline information will be released after final payment is received.

  • All dates are subject to change depending on group requirements. Other dates can be arranged for groups of 10 or more people wishing to have their own team.

  • Please note that children ages 13-15 may travel with a parent; children ages 16-17 traveling must be accompanied by a supervising adult with the permission of the parent.

  • If you plan to purchase your own ticket, please talk to the trip@pidonline.org team so they can advice you of landing and departure time of the team. You will have to pay additional transportation fees to and from the airport if you do not coordinate your landing and departure with the rest of the team.

    Carefully read the following documents prior to filling out the registration form

  • Trip Agreement Contract and Waiver

  • What to Expect with Traveling with PID

  • Trip Expense and Cancellation Policy

  • Fundraising Guidelines (if you plan to fundraise for your trip)

How To Register For A Trip

To register for a service trip, the following two items must be completed THREE MONTHS before your trip’s departure date:

To finalize your trip registration, please pay the remaining balance for your trip ONE MONTH before the trip’s departure date:

Traveled With PID Before?

If yes, please take a moment to fill out our trip response form to let us know how about your experience. We’re always looking to improve our service trips and your candid feedback is an invaluable part of that process.

If not, we look forward to seeing you on our next trip! See below for details on our upcoming trips.


Upcoming Guatemala Trips

  • Apr 3-10 – M, CO

  • Apr 10-17 – M, CO

  • May 8-15 (Wartburg College)

  • May 29 - June 5 (University of Scranton)

  • June 9-16 (Southern Maine Community College)

  • June 16-23 ``closed trip``

  • June 23-30 ``closed trip``

  • July 14-21 – M, CO

  • Oct 13-20 – M, CO

  • Nov 6-13 – M, CO

  • Nov 10-17 – M, CO

  • Dec 8-15 – M, CO, CH (Christmas Party)

Upcoming Mississippi Delta Trips

  • April 14 - 19 – CO, CH

  • Sept 22 - 28 (UMass Dartmouth)

  • Nov 17 - 24 (Shore Country Day School)


Upcoming Haiti Trips

  • Mar 26 - Apr 2 – Aux Cayes (Call before registering)

  • May 22 - June 1 – Aux Cayes (Call before registering)

  • May 26 - June 2 (Endicott College)

  • June 16-23 – M, CO

  • June 29 - July 7 – M, CO, CH (Summer VBS)

  • July 21-28 – M, CO

  • Aug 14-21 – M, CO

  • Sept 24 - Oct 1 – Aux Cayes (Call before registering)

  • Oct 13-20 – M, CO

  • Nov 3-10 – M, CO

  • Nov 19-26 – Aux Cayes (Call before registering)

  • Dec 4-11 – M, CO, CH (Christmas Party)

Upcoming Peru Trips

  • May 19 - 25 (Call office for information)

  • October 13 - 19 (Call office for information)