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Since 1990, we’ve been partnering with those born into extreme poverty, believing they knew what support they needed to change their lives. Through this partnership, we developed our Whole Life Transformation Model, which provides the tools necessary for those living in extreme poverty to change the future for themselves, their families and their communities. Interested in learning more?


Our Approach

Partners in Development (PID) provides those living in extreme poverty the tools to change their future through our Whole Life Transformation model. With a variety of context-specific programs, we engage communities so they can improve their lives and the lives of future generations.

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For roughly a $1.20 a day, you can change a person’s future. Click an area of work below to become a sponsor today!



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March 2019

“The warm reception and assistance from the PID staff, both at PID Ixtacapa and Xojola, made our week worthwhile in so many ways.”

Mitzi Davis/ Guatemala Service Trip



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work with our community partners and live the transformation

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If you are brave and are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone, if you have compassion and want to see what the world looks like through the eyes of someone born into extreme poverty, then get involved. Join our growing list of volunteers, interns, donors, staff, and travelers who’ve accepted the challenge and had their lives changed forever.

PID History & Social Justice Department

Learn about the complex geo-political landscapes that shape the areas we work.

Volunteer Opportunities

Support PID’s work from our HQ office in Ipswich, MA.

Internship opportunities

We’re currently looking for creative interns to support our international work.

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